Real Estate Law and Co-ownership: Buying a Home with your Partner

real estate attorneys Los AngelesAre you and your partner in the market for a house? While the prospect of owning a shared home with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or partner can be an exciting one, disputes and litigation between these parties are common. In the most typical scenario, a break up is usually the trigger for the dispute, which sees both parties going to court over who owns the property and/or what should be done with it.

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Personal Property Law and Why It Is Constantly Changing

real estate attorneys Los AngelesOne of the most pivotal ideas that contributed the development of the United States was the inclusion of personal property rights into the constitution. Personal property rights have evolved over the years to form specific instances of personal property law cases, setting precedents for how a dispute should be handled in the future. One of the weirdest cases, and most fascinating, is called an adverse possession case.

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When Can Property Contracts Be Legally Breached?

real estate attorneys Los AngelesCalifornia’s Statute of Frauds requires three types of contract to be written. First, leases that last longer than a year. Second, commission agreements between real estate licensees and principles. Third, real estate sales contracts. Each of these contracts serves an important purpose. Namely, they protect both parties from negative repercussions. In extreme cases, though, the law will provide for either party to break these contracts without facing legal implications.

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