3 Common Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

real estate attorneys Los AngelesThere are many nuances involved with real estate law. From the contracts you sign to the potential foreclosure process you can face, there are a lot of different difficult concepts and legal pitfalls that you might need to face. This is why a real estate attorney exists — to help any person who wishes to enter into a binding property contract. Here are some of the more common cases that real estate attorneys can help with.

    1. Eviction Cases
      Some eviction cases are a clear-cut victory for the landlord, and others are an obvious win for the tenant. When a landlord wishes to evict a tenant in the state of California, thus beginning the eviction process, they must give 60 days notice if the tenant has lived there for over a year. If the tenant feels they have a right to continue living there and the case escalates to a court setting, a judge will be presented with the case, typically deciding within 20 days of a case being set for trial. Whether you are the landlord or tenant, it is important to have a real estate attorney to argue more effectively.


    1. Foreclosures
      Foreclosures are rough for everyone involved. More often than you’d think, the lenders in a foreclosure case don’t make any money. The homeowner can also lose their house. Since these legal situations have a strong emotional connection, it is hard to argue alone. Besides, there are many small steps that need to be followed precisely, making foreclosure cases anything but simple.


  1. Drafting Documents
    In order to have a solid legal contract, be it a lease, a contract of sale, or any sort of property agreement between two parties, you need to have a well crafted legal document. While anyone can draft such a document, it is best left to those experienced with the law.

When dealing with property transfer in any form, you should have a real estate lawyer to back you up. They are well versed in California state law and have years of experience with cases similar to your own. It’s better to be safe than sorry, something that’s especially true when the roof over your head is at stake.