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In the current economic climate, many homes are being foreclosed upon. Individuals and investors are buying these properties, often more than one at a time. They are getting great deals on houses they are either going to move into or improve and sell at a later time. Unfortunately, buying a foreclosed home can come with unexpected legal problems. At DiJulio Law Group, we solve those problems.

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Our attorneys have more than 35 years of experience that we use to benefit foreclosed homebuyers in Southern California and Montana. Along with our experience, we provide personal attention in every case. You will work directly with an attorney who will move quickly to resolve the issues that have arisen so you can move forward with your plans.

Evicting Tenants From Foreclosed Properties

You purchased a property only to learn that there are tenants on the property. Perhaps you have no intention of becoming a landlord and planned to use the property for other purposes. What do you do next?

Our lawyers are available to assist with evictions and unlawful detainer actions. These can be sensitive cases, as the tenants may have limited knowledge of the property changing hands. You can be confident in our ability to resolve the matter appropriately.

Defense Against Lawsuits From Former Owners

You purchased a foreclosed home only to find yourself being sued by the former owner who is trying to void the foreclosure sale. Despite the fact that you purchased the property completely legally, the former owner may still try to target you in a lawsuit. They may want to fight to get their home back. We know the steps to take to get you extracted from the lawsuit so you can continue as planned.

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Attorneys at our firm speak several languages in addition to English, including Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Arabic, Lebanese, Armenian, Farsi and Italian.

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