Real Property Ownership Disputes: Tips to Keep in Mind

real estate attorneys Los AngelesOwnership disputes over the titles of real property are not uncommon, and these types of legal conflicts can quickly spiral out of control. Disputes of this nature often involve claims from a “silent” owner who is not officially on a title, or claims centering on an owner who should not have been on the title to begin with.

When dealing with complicated legal disputes involving real property, the aid of a qualified real estate attorney is a must. A knowledgeable lawyer can carefully look over your case and help you formulate the best course of action. For the time being, however, we have compiled a quick list of tips to remember when you find yourself involved in a real property ownership dispute.

Obtain the Property’s Title Report

Your first step should always involve getting a copy of the title report from the title company. This document lists the legal owner of the property as per the title company’s records, and can help you avoid claims from other parties via a litigation guarantee.

Collect All Relevant Supporting Documents

The more documentation you have, the better. This could include documents such as financial statements, texts, e-mails, and other forms of written communication.

Consider the Math Involved

Don’t forget that a person’s interest in a property can be tied to the amount of money they have spent on it. Expenses such as property purchases, maintenance, and other costs could paint a clear picture of who has interest over the disputed real estate property.

Talk to a Qualified Real Estate Attorney

Personal property law cases involve huge assets, and those who are currently going through a real property dispute cannot afford to take any chances. The aid of skilled legal counsel is worth its weight in gold, especially given the complicated nature of real estate law.

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