Things to Know Before Initiating the Eviction Process in CA

real estate attorneys Los AngelesFew landlords have illusions that the eviction process in California is a simple, straightforward affair. That being said, many of our clients are still shocked to realize just how difficult evicting a troublesome tenant can be. This is why, for this post, we want to reiterate a few key points about what you can expect when looking to give the tenant a boot in CA.

Remember, if you’d like specific legal advice pertaining to the situation you find yourself in, we at DiJulio Law Group are here to help. That being covered, here’s a few important things to remember when it comes to the eviction process in CA.

Evictions are Expensive Affairs

Landlords always expect to incur legal fees when looking to evict a tenant, but the truth is that costs are often much higher than they suspect! Retaining an eviction specialist can run you anywhere from $1,000 and upwards, and that doesn’t account for additional legal fees! Add legal complications to the mix and you can quickly expect to see the total cost rise. All in all, you can expect your costs to range anywhere from upwards of $3,000-$5,000.

Evictions Are Lengthy Legal Affairs

Evictions take at minimum around 2 months, if not longer, to finally conclude. This can be frustrating because not only does it impact your chances of replacing the tenant ASAP, the current resident can continue to live in the property rent-free until the eviction proceedings are finalized. This adds up to a lot of direct and indirect costs for landlords/owners.

The Eviction Process Often Favors Tenants

There are many ways in which the eviction process is stacked towards tenants. For example, you have to bear the upfront costs of removing the tenant, which includes getting a moving crew for taking their stuff out of the unit, paying for a place to store their possessions, having to pay for repairs that a disgruntled tenant may have caused, and more.

Consult With a Reputable Real Estate Property in California

All in all, this paints a grim picture for landlords who need to get rid of a tenant that is causing trouble or refusing to pay rent. However, there is some hope! The quality of legal counsel that you retain can make all the difference, and a skilled attorney will focus his/her efforts in speeding up the process while saving you as much money as possible along the way.

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