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Adverse possession is one means of resolving a boundary dispute. While a property owner has the right to protect his or her property, a neighbor who has encroached on that property for a significant period of time without contest may be able to claim ownership through adverse possession. This is a complicated area of the law. DiJulio Law Group is available to help you understand it and pursue a strategy designed to achieve your objectives.

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Determining Who Owns the Property

What it says on the deed is by no means the sole factor used to determinate who owns the property in question in a boundary dispute. If the encroacher has openly occupied the land continuously for a long period of time, he or she may have the right to adverse possession.

One of the key factors that is used in determining ownership is who paid taxes on the property. In California, this detail has been made complex ever since Proposition 13 froze taxes in 1978. For example, if a party purchases a hillside property and is assessed taxes for 30 years based on the hillside being part of the property, only to find later that the deed indicates otherwise, the party that paid taxes on the property may be entitled to adverse possession. Regardless of how complex a boundary dispute case may be, our attorneys can assist in finding a resolution.

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