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At DiJulio Law Group, we understand the value of real estate and we understand the importance of protecting your property. If you are involved in a boundary dispute, our goal is to work hard to help you reach a resolution that protects your property and its value. No matter how straightforward or how challenging your boundary dispute case may be, we can help.

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Our attorneys have more than 35 years of experience. We use that experience to benefit property owners in Southern California and Montana. Along with our experience, we provide personal attention in every case. You will work directly with a lawyer who will listen to your concerns, learn about your situation and design a strategy to achieve your specific goals.

Resolutions to Boundary Disputes of All Types

Commonly, boundary line disagreements involve fences. A business or a homeowner puts up a fence. The neighbor then learns that the fence was not placed on the actual boundary line, but on the neighbor’s property. The neighbor may want the fence removed or compensation for the portion of the property that has been consumed by the fence.

Some cases involve an addition to a house or other building. If the addition stretches past the boundary line onto neighboring property, it is referred to as encroachment. Of course, taking down the addition is no easy task, so the owner of the neighboring property will typically seek some other form of restitution.

Who Does the Property Truly Belong To?

These are not simple matters. The amount of time that the boundary discrepancy has existed plays a crucial role in determining who actually owns the property. For example, if your neighbor just put up a fence that is several feet onto your property, the outcome may be significantly different than if the fence was present 10 years ago when you first bought the property.

We understand the full range of options, which include:

We will carefully review your case to determine the option that makes the most sense for you.

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