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At DiJulio Law Group, we represent homeowners associations, individual homeowners and other parties. We handle all matters related to homeowners associations and condo owners associations, from assisting with the governance of associations to resolving the various disputes that can arise. No matter how simple or how complex a matter may be, our attorneys have the strength to handle it.

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Homeowners association (HOA) and condo owners association (COA) matters are made more challenging by the high rate of turnover that can occur, while board members simultaneously come and go. With more than 35 years of experience on our side, we know how to overcome these challenges when providing HOA and COA law services in Southern California and Montana.

HOA and COA Governance

It is important to be proactive in the management of homeowners associations, simply because doing so can minimize the possibility of disputes in the future. Our California real estate lawyers can assist in the creation of covenants, conditions and restrictions (CCR), bylaws and other important documents. We can provide guidance on the timing and organization of meetings.

HOA and COA Disputes

Disputes can arise over any number of issues. Perhaps there is a plumbing problem that needs to be paid for. Perhaps a roof needs to be repaired. Perhaps there is a dispute over building an addition to a property. Perhaps there is a dispute over assessments. A dispute may even arise between the association and a third party that provides services to the association and its members.

No matter what is at the heart of the dispute, you can trust our attorneys to resolve it. When trial is necessary, we have the strength required to succeed. We can resolve your dispute through alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, if appropriate for your case.

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Attorneys at our firm speak several languages in addition to English, including Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Arabic, Lebanese, Armenian, Farsi and Italian.

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