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Life is full of uncertainties. Lost jobs, serious health issues and the current lending crisis can make mortgage payments difficult for many homeowners. A rise in unlicensed foreclosure services prey on their desperation, making matters worse for everyone. If you face mortgage payment challenges, it is extremely important to seek the assistance of an experienced, reputable attorney to help stop foreclosure on your home as quickly as possible.

From homeowners with unmanageable adjustable-rate mortgages to those suffering through difficult economic times, the lawyers at DiJulio Law Group in Glendale can help you avoid foreclosure.

To discuss how to stop foreclosure on your home with one of our experienced real estate attorneys, contact DiJulio Law Group in Glendale, California, at 818.502.1700 or (818) 502-1700.

We offer more than 35 years of experience helping people throughout Southern California address all types of real estate matters. Our knowledge and experience can benefit you.

Our firm is prepared to do everything we can to help you stop foreclosure on your home by a lender. Even if you are already behind in your mortgage payments we may be able to help. From the beginning of our relationship, we take the time to understand your financial goals, educate you about the legal strategies used to prevent mortgage defaults and provide you with:

  • Protection from unlawful foreclosures
  • Out-of-pocket cost savings
  • Preservation of credit
  • Eligibility for future financing

Homeowner Foreclosure Alert: First they sold you a toxic home and loan; now they want to save you from foreclosure. You should not trust these so-called loan modification and short sale experts that are busting down your door to help because most of them are operating illegally.
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This is a great opportunity to save your house from foreclosure by obtaining a modified and affordable loan as a direct result of the settlement. Contact us for assistance. We are expert negotiators with banks.

Seek Reputable Legal Assistance With Your Foreclosure

We do not believe in passing a client’s mortgage foreclosure prevention case down to inexperienced secretaries or paralegals at our law firm. When you choose us for advice and representation, our trustworthy, skilled real estate attorneys will handle your case personally. Unlike the many disreputable foreclosure services, we are here for you. Our aggressive attorneys are ready to do what is necessary to protect your best interests.

Contact DiJulio Law Group at (818) 502-1700 or 818.502.1700 to discuss how we can help you with your case.

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