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Protecting you Against a Seller’s Failure to Disclose Defects

The lawyers at DiJulio Law Group understand the significance of a real estate purchase, whether it is a residential real estate purchase of a home, or a commercial real estate purchase of a shopping center. You have the right to expect that your new property will be free of surprises. When that is not the case, we will be there for you.

Did you purchase real estate, only to find out after close of escrow that it has a major defect that the seller did not tell you about? Did the seller defraud you? You have the right to pursue a claim for compensation. A seller is required to inform a buyer about all defects and design flaws, from broken plumbing to a leaking roof. For more than 35 years, the attorneys at DiJulio Law Firm have helped people pursue claims for compensation for a seller’s failure to disclose defects. We can put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

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We can help you in cases involving failure to disclose any type of defect or design flaw, including:

  • Roof leaks
  • Electrical and wiring problems
  • Defective plumbing
  • Broken septic tanks
  • Hidden water damage
  • Porch and other additions built without a building permit
  • Renovations and additions built by unlicensed contractors
  • Building code violations

In many cases, these problems do not reveal themselves until months or years after the purchase of a piece of real estate. You still have options. Our lawyers can help you get compensation to repair the defect that the seller failed to reveal, or we can seek to have the purchase rescinded altogether, depending on the severity of the flaws.

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Our attorneys take a personal approach to every case, because we understand how personal your real estate purchase is to you. We will take the time to learn about your needs and educate you about the various legal options that are available to you. Our goal is to meet your needs by keeping you informed about the process and guiding you down the path that will get you results.

Contact DiJulio Law Group at (818) 502-1700 or 818.502.1700 to discuss your failure to disclose defects case.

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