Ask a Real Estate Attorney: What is a Partition Action on Co-Owned Property?

real estate attorneys Los AngelesCo-owning real estate property is a great way for individuals to invest in a property without having to deal with the brunt of the cost. Like with most situations involving real property however, co-ownerships can turn sour, and a partition action could be on the table.What exactly does this mean? For this post, we’re going over partition actions, the rights of each co-owner when a partition action is on the table, and the best way to deal with these types of situations with real estate investments in CA.

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An Overview of Lease Abandonment Laws in CA

real estate attorneys Los AngelesWith the cost of housing and commercial property rentals rising across the state, things don’t always go as planned and tenants or borrowers occasionally move out of a property without notice. This is known as lease abandonment, which happens to be the topic of discussion for this post. Today, we’ll go over what lease abandonment entails and touch upon the potential consequences that could arise from a tenant abandoning a lease.

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