3 Topics to Discuss With Your Real Estate Lawyer

zoning restrictionWorking with a professional real estate lawyer is essential when it comes to purchasing property. You don’t want to go into a purchasing agreement without proper knowledge of real estate law. Here are three important things you should discuss with your real estate lawyer prior to signing any property deals.

Go over any zoning restrictions for the property in question
Unless you went to school and studied real estate law in the state you’re purchasing property in, you should probably seek professional help. There are so many minuscule zoning restriction errors that can be made, which would end up causing further expensive real estate issues down the line. Consulting with a professional real estate lawyer who’s aware of specific zoning restrictions and other building code violations can ensure that you’re not making any property purchasing mistakes.

Find out every detail about the desired property
You might find a home that seems absolutely perfect from the untrained eye, but after consulting with a real estate professional and conducting a few thorough inspections, any property issues will come to the surface. California law, for example, requires all real estate agents to disclose information about any death that occurred on a specific property within three years of the sale. You should always find out more information, though, and your real estate lawyer can help you identify any other problems associated with that property.

Figure out an estimated timeline of when everything will be complete
One of the most stressful aspects of buying a home is not knowing when you’ll actually be able to settle into your new place. You and your family might have all your items in storage as you wait for the purchasing contract to finalize. You might have to spend a few nights in a hotel or a family member’s place, and you could have problems with work if you’re moving for a new job. To avoid all these problems, try and figure out exactly when the move will be final and you and your family can move in. You should specify a closing date on your real estate contract and be sure it’s legally enforced. Your real estate lawyer can help.

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Get Expert Real Estate Legal Advice From an Experienced Real Estate Attorney

property lawIf you’re thinking about purchasing or renting a new home or apartment but are wary of real estate laws, or you’re facing other issues regarding property law, you may want to get in touch with a real estate lawyer for assistance. Real estate lawyers can help with all aspects of property law, including handling contracts and transfers, reviewing the results of a home inspection, handling deeds, and arguing eviction or foreclosures on your behalf. Each state has different real estate laws that need to be taken into consideration and having an attorney on your side can often make all the difference. They can help you look over real estate contracts, a homeowners association lease agreement, and so much more before you sign on the dotted line.

What You Should Know About Your Property Rights in California

Before Buying the Home

  • Real estate agents are required by law to let potential homebuyers know about any deaths that have occurred on the property in the last three years before the sale.
  • You’ll need three kinds of contracts in writing, per the Statute of Frauds in California. These contracts are any leases spanning more than a year, commission agreements between the principals and the real estate licensees, and contracts for the sale. Retaining a real estate attorney to look over these documents is certainly advised.

In the Process of Selling the Home

  • Almost 80% of homebuyers will want to have an inspection done before officially completing the purchase, according to the National Association of Realtors. To make your life easier (and to avoid any terrible surprises that could impact or delay the sale of your home), you should conduct an inspection and do any necessary repairs before you put your home for sale. Having a property lawyer review the results can put you in a good position to negotiate the purchase.
  • Legally, you will need an Escrow agent to help with the sale, obtain a title company, and may be required to pay for the title company insurance. Having a lawyer well-versed in property law to oversee all of these proceedings is often very helpful to a homeowner during this time.

Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney will make sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that you’re getting the best terms possible. For example, once you’ve started a purchase contract, the length of time it takes for the sale will depend on this contract. It should have a specific closing date or number days before it closes. The average time is four to ten weeks, though this can vary, depending on what state you live in. A real estate attorney can offer advice on the best timeframe and make sure your contract protects you.

If, for some reason, the other party should back out of the sale, your attorney can help you pursue arbitration, mediation, or a lawsuit, depending on the terms and situation. Having a property lawyer already on hand eliminates the frantic scramble to find one, should an emergency situation arise.

A real estate attorney can also review deeds, help with closing, and disputes involving Escrow deposits or taxes. Furthermore, they can more generally assist the client with understanding the terms and concepts involved in real estate transactions. Having someone who “speaks the language” can make the process less intimidating for many clients and will help them understand precisely what is being discussed and agreed to.

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