The Foreclosure Process: How does it Work in California?

real estate attorneys Los AngelesWhen a property owner falls behind or is unable to make his/her mortgage payments on a property, the lender can choose to move forward with a foreclosure. In simple terms, this is the legal process that lenders follow when they want to reclaim a property or attempt to recoup their losses.

The foreclosure process can be lengthy and complicated. To help homeowners and other property owners navigate these stressful situations, we’re offering a quick and simplified overview of how the foreclosure process works in California. Don’t forget that for more in-depth discussions and tailored legal advice, you can always reach out to the experienced California real estate attorneys at DiJulio Law Group.

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Real Estate Law and Co-ownership: Buying a Home with your Partner

real estate attorneys Los AngelesAre you and your partner in the market for a house? While the prospect of owning a shared home with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or partner can be an exciting one, disputes and litigation between these parties are common. In the most typical scenario, a break up is usually the trigger for the dispute, which sees both parties going to court over who owns the property and/or what should be done with it.

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