An Overview of Lease Abandonment Laws in CA (real estate law)

real estate attorneys Los AngelesWith the cost of housing and commercial property rentals rising across the state, things don’t always go as planned and tenants or borrowers occasionally move out of a property without notice. This is known as lease abandonment, which happens to be the topic of discussion for this post. Today, we’ll go over what lease abandonment entails and touch upon the potential consequences that could arise from a tenant abandoning a lease.

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How Building Code Violations Expose you to Liability in California

real estate attorneys Los AngelesIn California, civil and criminal liability laws stipulate that individuals are expected to behave in ways which don’t jeopardize the safety of others or endangers them in any way. This expected reasonable duty of care stretches across nearly all situations and contexts: drivers must be careful and attentive when operating a vehicle, business owners must take precautions to ensure the safety of their employees and customers, and homeowners must do their due diligence in ensuring that their premises are safe and free of hazards.

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The Foreclosure Process: How does it Work in California?

real estate attorneys Los AngelesWhen a property owner falls behind or is unable to make his/her mortgage payments on a property, the lender can choose to move forward with a foreclosure. In simple terms, this is the legal process that lenders follow when they want to reclaim a property or attempt to recoup their losses.

The foreclosure process can be lengthy and complicated. To help homeowners and other property owners navigate these stressful situations, we’re offering a quick and simplified overview of how the foreclosure process works in California. Don’t forget that for more in-depth discussions and tailored legal advice, you can always reach out to the experienced California real estate attorneys at DiJulio Law Group.

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Real Estate Law and Co-ownership: Buying a Home with your Partner

real estate attorneys Los AngelesAre you and your partner in the market for a house? While the prospect of owning a shared home with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or partner can be an exciting one, disputes and litigation between these parties are common. In the most typical scenario, a break up is usually the trigger for the dispute, which sees both parties going to court over who owns the property and/or what should be done with it.

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