3 Topics to Discuss With Your Real Estate Lawyer

zoning restrictionWorking with a professional real estate lawyer is essential when it comes to purchasing property. You don’t want to go into a purchasing agreement without proper knowledge of real estate law. Here are three important things you should discuss with your real estate lawyer prior to signing any property deals.

Go over any zoning restrictions for the property in question
Unless you went to school and studied real estate law in the state you’re purchasing property in, you should probably seek professional help. There are so many minuscule zoning restriction errors that can be made, which would end up causing further expensive real estate issues down the line. Consulting with a professional real estate lawyer who’s aware of specific zoning restrictions and other building code violations can ensure that you’re not making any property purchasing mistakes.

Find out every detail about the desired property
You might find a home that seems absolutely perfect from the untrained eye, but after consulting with a real estate professional and conducting a few thorough inspections, any property issues will come to the surface. California law, for example, requires all real estate agents to disclose information about any death that occurred on a specific property within three years of the sale. You should always find out more information, though, and your real estate lawyer can help you identify any other problems associated with that property.

Figure out an estimated timeline of when everything will be complete
One of the most stressful aspects of buying a home is not knowing when you’ll actually be able to settle into your new place. You and your family might have all your items in storage as you wait for the purchasing contract to finalize. You might have to spend a few nights in a hotel or a family member’s place, and you could have problems with work if you’re moving for a new job. To avoid all these problems, try and figure out exactly when the move will be final and you and your family can move in. You should specify a closing date on your real estate contract and be sure it’s legally enforced. Your real estate lawyer can help.

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