Defending Enforcement Actions in Environmental Law

A state that is a leader in innovative environmental regulation

Business in California contributes substantially to the nation’s economy, while being challenged by operating within a state that is a leader in innovative environmental regulation. The attorneys at DiJulio Law Group understand that environmental regulations are necessary and vital for the health and safety of all citizens. Environmental cases involve a mix of statutory and regulatory knowledge. They require the ability to present complex regulatory and scientific issues to persons with little or no experience in such matters.

Our practice includes the defense of property owners facing legal and regulatory challenges. We first seek negotiated solutions to environmental issues; however, we are prepared to pursue litigation in order to protect the rights of our clients. If your business or construction project has encountered environmental law problems, our law group provides strategic solutions for enforcement actions and identifies opportunities related to environmental law and policy.

Environmental Law and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Enacted in 1976, most Resource Conservation and Recovery Act requirements are not industry-specific but apply to any company that generates, transports, treats, stores, or disposes of hazardous waste. DiJulio Law Group has helped effectively defend many Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) enforcement actions.

The objectives of the RCRA are to protect human health and the environment from the potential hazards of waste disposal, to conserve energy and natural resources, to reduce the amount of waste generated, and to ensure that wastes are managed in an environmentally sound manner. RCRA regulates the management of solid waste (e.g., garbage), hazardous waste, and underground storage tanks holding petroleum products or certain chemicals.

In defending many Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) enforcement actions, we often have obtained dismissal of claims or substantially reduced penalties. We have also represented many companies in numerous air quality enforcement cases and other environmental problems. The DiJulio Law Group is lead by David DiJulio, holder of a master’s degree in environmental science.

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