How Can I Avoid A Property Dispute With My Tenant?

property dispute mediationProperty disputes can be stressful for landlords and tenants alike. In some cases, a property dispute can even escalate to a court setting wherein the judge will hear the trial within 20 days of the filed request.

However, many landlords and tenants prefer to keep their disputes out of the court setting. This is what makes property dispute mediation an often preferred method of action.

Depending on the situation, a property dispute mediation may be necessary. However, there are ways in which you can help to prevent property disputes from occurring by avoiding the following disagreements.

  1. Cleaning the property
    One of the most common property disputes often involves the cleaning of the property. Should the tenant leave the property in a condition that’s worse for wear in comparison to the original state of the property, a dispute between the property owner and the tenant may result. To avoid this type of dispute, the property owner should supply the tenant with a copy of their lease agreement reminding the tenant of the condition of the property prior to their residence. This will help to provide a reference for the tenant.
  2. Property damage
    The second most common property law dispute involves damage done to the property. While tenants must take care to avoid causing property damage while they live in residence on the property, the property owner should always be reasonable in regards to wear and tear. To avoid disputes regarding property damage relating to hanging wall fixtures, etc, it’s recommended that property owners suggest alternative hanging options to their tenants.
  3. Cost of repairs
    Property repairs are often necessary, but the cost of the repairs are often disputed between tenants and property owners. For a property owner to touch the money in a tenant’s security deposit, they must have a significant case for claiming it. In order to avoid real estate law disputes involving cost of repairs, it’s best to be as transparent as possible regarding the price of the repairs.

Disagreements regarding property can’t always be avoided. Should your dispute escalate, property dispute mediation may be in your best interest. Contact a real estate lawyer today at DiJulio Law Group for more information regarding property law mediation.