The Most Common Issues Addressed by Real Estate Attorneys

real estate attorney“Do I really need to hire a real estate lawyer for a personal property issue?”

Many American homeowners and business owners today ask themselves that very question, so if you’re wondering it too, you definitely aren’t alone. There are several reasons why hiring a real estate attorney can be beneficial, so let’s take a quick look at some of the most common property law cases today:

  • Before buying a house: When you’re in the process of buying a home, an attorney can make sure that you don’t get shortchanged. Requesting certain repairs or inspections can be part of the sale agreement, and a lawyer can make sure that these conditions are met before you’re required to abide by the contract. If the seller didn’t disclose important information — such as any mold cleanup or any deaths that occurred on the property in the past three years — you’ll want an experienced legal professional who can advocate for you.

  • Writing up any real estate contracts: The terminology alone is enough to make you avoid anything related to real estate — forever! Real estate attorneys are really beneficial where contracts are concerned because they know the legal jargon used and they know to look for certain clauses or conditions that will affect you. Leases, commission agreements, and sale contracts all need to be in writing according to California regulations, or else they aren’t considered legally binding.

  • Possible eviction: Landlords are able to evict tenants if those tenants fail to pay their rent on time or if they fail to follow conditions on the lease agreement. Landlords in California are required to provide at least 60 days notice to tenants before evicting them, and both parties have the ability to take an eviction filing to court.

And those reasons above are just the beginning! The real question now is, what can a real estate attorney do for you?